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I help green start-ups and NGOs design & narrate their story. 🌿 One eco-friendly mission at a time. 👉

And what benefits it produces

A business meeting with people sitting in a circle turned to a speaker in front of them with a slideshow next to the speaker.
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Sustainability is a critical issue in this ever-changing world. A rising number of organizations have realized the benefits of doing good. Having a value-driven business strategy is bound to strike a chord with your target audience in recent times.

So, today businesses are making public commitments to sustainability. By framing decisions surrounding their economic, social, and environmental impact on the planet. Instead of making short-term goals, companies are more focused on long-term decisions that will create wealth without harming the environment.

This trend will grow in the future as companies face pressure from social movements. …

Yeah… late night sustainability discussions can take a weird turn

A bird’s eye view of a large factory area with white smoke coming out of the chimneys.
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As the building block of all life on Earth, carbon is important to plants, animals, and fungi to survive and reproduce. All living organisms are part of the Carbon Cycle, which is the exchange of carbon molecules between Earth’s biological, hydrological, and geological spheres.

Carbon is not inherently bad. Yet excessive amounts of carbon in the atmosphere have played a large role in anthropogenic climate change. The global average atmospheric carbon dioxide level is over 400 parts per million. A number that is growing every day we continue to pollute.

One of the first things young environmentalists hear as a…

How climate change drives innovation

A windfarm in the middle of a field at sunset.
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Climate change is the biggest threat to our way of life. With climate change comes new opportunities and challenges, forcing us to adapt and rethink our actions and mindsets. Existing companies must redesign their business models to be more sustainable.

These constraints can also catalyze innovation, as the pressure to work sustainably forces us to think differently. Climate change is the new frontier for businesses. If businesses want to survive through this time of intense change and uncertainty, they must adapt and innovate to this new reality.

In times of constraint, challenge, and crisis, we must innovate to adapt. The…

From niche market to industry-standard under climate change

A shot of a wind farm with lush, green meadows.
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Sustainability is the hottest keyword in business. Start-ups build their brand identities on being more sustainable than bigger brands, and bigger brands work tirelessly to convince their consumer that they have always been sustainable.

Shifting consumer demand favors companies that value the environment. As we see the increased effects of climate change, as well as income inequality and human rights issues, consumers are pushing companies to take responsibility and make the change.

Every day, companies try to become more sustainable, solely to keep up with this burgeoning trend.

We are currently at a point when sustainable companies are popular, but…

Understanding the environment as a key to success

Tiny shopping cart filled with bits and pieces of vegetables.
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Sustainability in business is becoming one of the most important factors of success. Consumers are smarter and more inquisitive than ever before. Having a clear direction and stance on environmental issues can help your business stand out from the crowd, especially if you want to build trust with your customers.

Sustainability report: the new essential

Climate change is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds. Now, it must be at the forefront of businesses’ minds too. The consumer base is shifting towards sustainable and ethical products, and companies must respond. For most companies, this requires an analysis of their environmental impact, as well as an…

Aka the greenwashing dilemma

A woman looking at a wall filled with various posters, promo material, ads, etc.
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As climate change becomes a more pressing stressor for humanity, consumers and citizens are demanding corporations respond accordingly. Trends in consumer goods follow this demand for ethical and sustainable products.

Yet, both these metrics are hard to quantify, as we’re only starting to push for more legislatures and carbon accounting. Because of that, companies can fool their consumers into thinking the company is sustainable. With the rise in sustainable consumerism, greenwashing has emerged as an issue of transparency within the consumer space.

Greenwashing refers to a company’s claims of sustainability or ethical initiatives, but those initiatives are disingenuous or underwhelming…

Black and white picture of a skyscraper, photographed from the bottom looking up at the building reaching to the sky.
Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

16. August 2021.

That was the last time I walked the usual path to my bus stop.

I say “my” because the bus stop is mine, as much as the path to it is “mine”. My most frequent and familiar walking space. That is, if I overcame my urban laziness and caught an Uber.

It was one of those paths you kept in your pocket.

The entrance to my building was anything but respectable looking, but it was part of a once respectable street, the central living vein of the old part of town. …

What is it & why you should do it

Image of an industrial chimney polluting the clear blue sky with its smoke.
Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

No matter what business you own, there is one constant that needs to be considered and tracked: profits. Anyone with a basic understanding of math can open and run a business. They need to know how to add and subtract, and if the number they end a month with is higher than where they started, they made a profit and are succeeding. Accounting and finance are the cornerstones of any business because without money there are no workers, and there is no product.

We keep track of money because we have to, but all businesses have something else in common…

And how companies are reaching them

A photo of thosuands small succulent plants neatly arranged one next to the other.
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Have you ever asked yourself, what are the companies around me doing to help the world survive longer? And what are our goals for a healthy planet? To answer these questions, we must ask what is corporate sustainability?

Corporate sustainability drives a company to work towards making long-lasting connections with customers and employees. By finding what is going to give them the best opportunities to grow as well as how to handle commercial, social and climate changes.

Green corporate sustainability is when a company is focusing on not only climate health but also economic growth and social well-being.

To learn…

It’s not just a PR gimmick

Two hands reaching out to grab one another with a clear sky background.
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Our environment is limited. The amount of space we have to work with, the lasting quality of the resources we have, and even limits on certain resources which can never be replaced.

Many businesses use up these resources without considering the long-term effects. Most may shut down long before we are in critical danger of exhausting these precious resources. But perhaps that could be avoided if active measures are taken.

Sustainable practices and conservation efforts are more important than most people realize. Private citizens often can’t do enough to sustain the efforts needed to make major environmental or societal impacts…

Ivan Jacimovic

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