The importance of brand storytelling

Why your story is more important than you think

Women sitting at a couch front-facing the camera, holding a book titled “A storytelling workbook for beginners”.
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What does all this have to do with your brand?

In brand marketing today, we see an oversaturation of products and information. For every product category, there is an overwhelming offer of similar products.

What is a brand story?

Simply put, it’s the story behind your brand that focuses on your customer’s journey from your introduction to its desired conclusion.

A shot of the pavement with a writing on it that reads: “Passion led us here.” With two people standing right next to it.
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How do you tell it?

The First (and the most important) thing to realize is that you’re not in the driver’s seat. Your customers are. They are the hero of your story if you will, and you’re there to guide them on their journey to success.

A focus shot of a person holding a GoPro camera with a wide landscape showing the sea and an island.
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Let’s take a look at a great example

At last, let’s look at a brand with great brand storytelling: GoPro.


If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s this:

I help green start-ups and NGOs design & narrate their story. 🌿 One eco-friendly mission at a time. 👉

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